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Japanese Scholar: Intellectual history about the Timorese people is more complex than known before (22/11/2015)

 Kisho Tsuchiya argues “East Timor Problem” was a tragedy caused by imposition of the logic of “national Self-determination”.

Kawaguchiko retreat participants discussed their employment challenges (21-22/11/2015)

 At the foot of Mount Fuji, former Hasegawa students discussed the challenges facing them as well as their employers. In the manufacturing sector, they found the need for their companies to transform as well as themselves, while in the service sector, they felt the high expectations imposed on them.

Former students of the Hasegawa Seminar Class of Hosei University held their annual retreat near Mount Fuji (21-22/11/2015)

 They spent several hours until mid-night discussing their roles and challenges they had faced in their work, work-life balance, and universal values in enhancing their career as well as their life.


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