[Seminar] Carefully read “Assisting Transition” and the lecture about “Refugees” by the Human Rights group (9th Oct 2012)

On 9th October 2012, in the 4th period, we firstly discussed the theme about the joint session of study tour which will be held on 21th October 2012. After this discussion, Kohei Yokota, Minako Ishikawa and Sayaka Yatabe who are members of the Peace Building Group made a presentation about Chapter 10: Assisting Transition. After this presentation, the students discussed in four groups “Was it appropriate that UNTAC withdrew from Cambodia after the election?”
In the 5th period, Yuka Narikawa, Yuko Honda, Mai Uchida and Yuhi Kawase who are members of the Human Rights Group made a presentation about Refugees. The students then discussed in four groups “Whether Japan should accept the refugees or not”. (Aimi Ezawa)