[Seminar] The Peace Support Operations under the Basic Principles of UNPKO and the Agricultural Transformation in Economic Development (23rd Oct 2012)

 On 23rd October 2012, during the 4th period class, Daiki Kawabe, Yuko Honda and Mai Kato made presentations on peace support operations on the basis of the Chapter 9 of the “Understanding Peacekeeping”. They mentioned that, according to the British peacekeeping doctrine, peace support operations consist of military elements and diplomatic and humanitarian agencies. In addition, they pointed out that peace support operations are deployed under the basic principles of United Nations Peacekeeping: (1) consent of the concerning parties, (2) impartiality and (3) non-use of force except in self-defense and defense of the mandate. Especially, they emphasized the difference between impartiality (“treating everyone according to the same principles”) and neutrality (“opting not to take a position”).
In the 5th period, Sune Jun Misu, Hayato Takeuchi, Mai Nakasendo, Aimi Ezawa and Minshik Kim made presentations on agricultural transformation and rural development on the basis of the “Economic Development” written by Todaro and Smith. First, they introduced Authors’ questions that even petty farmers should be integrated into the processes of development if rural development directly affects the process of poverty reduction. Moreover, they also presented their analysis on the situations of farm management in Latin America, Asia and Africa. Finally, they suggested it is the very ideal form of rural development to improve long tillable systems and social welfare for labors.
(Shogo Yoshida)