[Seminar] Hasegawa Seminar Successfully Finishes Its Study and Activities (16th January 2013)

機構130116 (16)

 The final seminar class and events were held on 16 January 2013, first in Classroom S-307 where Professor Hasegawa conducted his last lecture on international organizations, and then a group of the seminar students gathered in the special faculty meeting room to talk about what they had learned from the seminar class.
 Many of them pointed out that they had gained confidence and learned how to speak up and express their opinions. They recalled many events that they had successfully planned and managed such as “Dialogues with Ambassadors” and symposia. They also pointed out that it was challenging to read so many books by Russell on philosophy on knowledge, Joseph Nye, Jr. on history of conflicts, Michael Sandel on justice, Bellamy on peacekeeping written in English. Through lectures, presentations and discussion, they succeeded in achieving much this year. The seminar students expressed their wish to maintain their association.
 We thanked Professor Hasegawa for guiding us this year.

(Yasuki Uchiyama)