[Seminar] All-inclusive lecture: “Understanding Peacekeeping” conclusion (4th Dec 2012)

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 On 4th December 2012, we had all-inclusive lecture on the conclusion of “Understanding Peacekeeping”.
 First of all, Mai Uchida reviewed each chapter and explained the transition of peacekeeping activities. There are many different subcategories in operations, but the ones most significant are in missions that aim to assist transitions and transitional administrations. Then Minako Ishikawa pointed out themes and issues; (1) To understand the relation between Westphalia and Post-Westphalia. (2) A gap between the theory and practice on peace operations. (3) The proliferation of actors associated with peace operations. Finally, Yui Narikawa explained 4 thoughts on the future peace operations; (1) The debate between advocates of Westphalian and post-Westphalian. (2) The trend towards mixed forms of peacekeeping is likely to continue. (3) The legitimacy of peace operations will be tied to their capacity. (4) Great power politics will continue.
 After the presentation we discussed the future of peacekeeping operation and the transition of international relations.
(Mai Nakasendo)