Announcement for PSG Meeting on May 11, 2013 (closed)

**This seminar on 11th May 2013 ended successfully, thank you.


[Date and Hours]
 11 May 2013 from 13:30 to 16:40

 7th floor of 80-nenkan-building, Hosei University Ichigaya Campus, Tokyo.

[Theme for Review and Discussion]
 Responsibility to Protect and Protection of Civilians: Their Concepts, Differences and Gaps

  In the last seminar on 20th April 2013, we discussed the two concepts and meanings of Human Security and Protection of Civilians both theoretically and practically. With this in mind, in the next seminar on 8th June 2013, we will consider how meaningfully the R2P and POC are conceptualized and what gaps between them there are, when international humanitarian agencies such as ICRC do practice these notions in the field.
  In keeping with them, this study-meeting will be mentioned what differences between R2P and POC there are and how they were applied to the fields. In order to understand it efficiently, we will discuss with the book “Norms of Protection: Responsibility to Protect, Protection of Civilians and Their Interaction” (published by UNU press), especially Chapter 1, 2, 3 and 14.

[Provisional Program]
 (1st Session–Theoretical Framework of R2P and POC–)
   13:30 Self-introductions
   13:40 Chapter 1: “The responsibility to protect: Game change and regime change”
         Mr. Taichiro Fujino  Graduate School of International and Public Policy, Hitotsubashi University
   14:05 Chapter 2: “The protection of civilians in armed conflict: Four concepts”
         Mr. Naoki Matsumoto  Department of English, Faculty of Foreign Languages, Dokkyo University
   14:30 Discussion (Moderator: Professor Sukehiro Hasegawa)
15:00 End of the 1st Session

 (2nd Session–Contrast and Analysis between R2P and POC–)
   15:10 Chapter 3: “The responsibility to protect and the protection of civilians in armed conflict: Overlap and contrast”
         Mr. Shogo Yoshida   Department of Global Politics, Faculty of Law, Hosei University
   15:35 Chapter 14: “Interaction of the norms of protection”
         Mr. Jason Pratt  Major in Global and Asian Politics, Graduate School of Politics, Hosei University
   16:00 Discussion (Moderator: Professor Sukehiro Hasegawa)
   16:30 Announcements
   16:40 Finish of the study-meeting

   17:00 Dinner Get-together

 You are invited to participate in this study group meeting by completing the registration form and send it back to Shogo Yoshida (, Secretary-General of the Peacebuilding Study Group.

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