[Kurosawa seminar] UNPKO and national interests (Professor Kurosawa) (9 May 2013)


 On 9 May 2013, Risa Kato made a presentation on various reasons why countries contribute to UN peacekeeping operation (PKO) on the basis of the text book, referring to the chapter 2 of the “UN PKO and peace building.” She explained the reasons from international factors. Contributing countries consider their own national interests. PKO policy of great power countries is just one of the foreign policies. Small countries expect direct profit from PKO. Keiki Takemasa made presentations on dispatching the Self-defense force to Haiti and Cambodia. Kohei Yokota explained United Nations Mission in the Republic of South Sudan (UNMISS).
 In the latter half of our class, Professor Kurosawa gave a lecture about English grammar. In addition, he made a presentation on democratization and governance. He explained the United Nations, focusing on the UN Chapters, the Security Council and the right of veto. Then he referred to the framework of peace building support. (Yuko Honda)