[Kurosawa seminar] Enforcement of PKO: Effort and Historical Background of East Timor (Professor Kurosawa) (23 May 2013)


 On 23 May 2013, during 4th period class, presentation on the chapter 3 and 4 of the book “UN PKO missions and Peace buildings” was given by Moe Kurisu, Kohei Yokota and Yuko Honda. First, Moe Kurisu explained the issue of ownership under the UN missions and the key to nation building after conflict. Most important thing to build nation is making confidence between the local people and international organization. By doing so, we can continue to sustainable development.
 Secondly Kohei Yokota and Yuko Honda made presentations about East Timor. They referred the history of East Timor include of territorial dispute, election problem, international society supports and UN missions.
 Finally Professor Kurosawa gave us lecture about the summary of peace building supports. He mainly delivered the conflict factor and the point of peace building. JICA also support nation buildings from 4 fields. Students asked various questions to professor and got answer. (Yuhi Kawase)