[Kurosawa seminar] The peace building in East-Timor, UNMISET (Professor Kurosawa) (6 June 2013)


 On 6 June 2013, Kurosawa seminar students discussed the prospectus of 2013 study tour.
 After that, two students Minako Ishikawa and Yasuki Uchiyama made presentation on Peace-building operation in East-Timor called UNMISET (United Nations Mission of Support in East-Timor). They explained processes from the establishment of UNMISET to the end and some problems of this mission.
 After two students’ presentation, Professor Kurosawa lectured UNPKO in Somalia, Cambodia and Rwanda. He explained contents of each activity and some problems of the traditional peacekeeping operation through the movie such as “Shooting Dogs”. (Mai Uchida)