【NEWS】2009年11月6日(金)陸上自衛隊小平学校での長谷川教授による講義『国連平和維持活動の役割と変遷』 On 6 November, Professor Sukehiro Hasegawa delivered a lecture on the growth and transformation of UN peacekeeping operations at the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force Kodaira School.


At the invitation of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force Kodaira School, Professor Sukehiro Hasegawa visited the School on 6 November and gave a lecture on how UN peacekeeping operations have grown over the years and transformed into a complex multidimensional peacekeeping and peacebuilding activities aimed at establishing sustainable peace. About 100 Self-Defense Officials attended the session. After the lecture, Defense-Force officials actively exchanged in sharing information and ideas with Professor Hasegawa about PKO activities and perspective of Japan Self-Defense.