【Global Governance】7/13 Global Environmental Governance

On 29 June 2011, the last day of Global Governance class, Professor Hasegawa delivered a lecture on the “Global Environmental Governance”. The lecture was divided into 5 parts: the definition of global environmental governance. global conferences, institutional mechanisms, climate change, the requirements for effective global environmental governance. In part1, 2, 3, he explained a number of conferences and the reasons for establishing institutions such as UNEP and UNFCCC. Moreover, he introduced Kyoto Protocol that aimed at reducing the emissions of green-gas materials in detail. In addition, he explained the key role of the USA and China as well as the need for renewed international commitment to sustainable development. In final part, professor Hasegawa concluded lecture with a brief identification of 5 challenging factors for effective environmental management: population growth, justice and equity, technological improvement and need for change in life-style. (Jieun Park)