[Seminar] Critical Issues of Security Sector Reform in South Sudan (January 10th 2012)

 On 10th January, as the last seminar class of the academic year 2011, we had two guest speakers: Dr. Mark Dowens and Mr. Dylan Hendrickson who explained the geopolitical, economic, and governance challenges taking place in South-Sudan. They mentioned that it’s essential for nation security to negotiate with other countries.
 We took examination, and elected the Head and the Vice-Heads of the professor Hasegawa Seminar class. In the examination, we rechecked knowledge learned in the seminar lectures and presentations by each groups. 
(Eri Iijima)

 2012年1月10日に、2011年度最後のゼミ活動が行われました。この日は、DCAFのMark Dowens博士と、キングス・カレッジ・ロンドンのDylan Hendrickson氏をゲストスピーカーとしてお招きし、「紛争後の国々における治安部門改革の重要な問題」というテーマでご講義頂きました。