[NEWS] Farewell and Welcome Dinner for Graduate (6th March 2012)

 Ms. Nadia Wang from Taiwan graduated successfully with a Master’s degree in political science. She wrote her master’s degree thesis entitled, “Climate Change, Global Justice and Democracy: the Post-Kyoto Dilemma”. Mr. Umid Makhmudov from Uzbekistan was admitted to the Hosei Graduate School from April 2012.
 On Tuesday, March 6th, Professor Hasegawa hosted a dinner for Nadia and Umid. Other graduate school participants were Ms. Gunji, Mr. Nakamura and Mr. Toriumi, Ms. Ikeda (graduated in2010) and Ms. Asano (2011) also joined in the dinner party. Mr. Nakamura and Ms. Gunji will study in the United Kingdom from September 2012 for one year.
 Professor Hasegawa wished all of them well in their studies and good health.

(Masumi Asano)