[Myanmar] JETRO Yangonn Office Senior Adviser Mr. Yamaguchi Tetsu(22nd Aug 2012)

        On 22nd Aug 2012, the Myanmar study tour group and Professor Hasegawa visited JETRO Yangon office, and had beneficial time by getting receiving a briefing from Mr. Tetsu Yamaguchi, the Senior Adviser of JETRO Yangon. First of all, Mr. Yamaguchi informed us about his extensive experience in the field of trade, commerce and investment banking. He then explained the overall economic and political situation of Myanmar.
        Nowadays Myanmar is getting attention from all over the world due to its untouched natural resources such as natural gas and petroleum compared to the other East Asian countries. Myanmar is having difficulty in providing electricity to the general public. Mr. Yamaguchi pointed out that to increase the source of electrical power in Myanmar will be the key factor for the encouragement of foreign business expansion in Myanmar as well as for the development of Myanmar itself. In addition, Mr. Yamaguchi explained the education system in Myanmar especially about its high literacy level of English among non-English speaking East Asian countries due to their opportunity to study in monastery.
        Finally, he mentioned that the presidential election in 2015 has an enormous impact on the future of Myanmar. After the conclusion of his presentation, he responded to questions and comments from the students. (Jieun Park)

山口氏は、今後日本企業は2400ヘクタールの広大さを誇るティラワ工業団地をはじめ、鉱山開発などの分野において環境に配慮し、日本の強みを生かした開発を行うことにより、ミャンマーの持続可能な発展に寄与できるのではないかと述べられました。また最後に2015年の大統領選挙が、ミャンマーのみならず世界的に見て非常に重要な意味を持つので注視していきたいとおっしゃっていました。(中仙道 舞)