[Myanmar] UNICEF Yangon Office Representative Mr. Ramesh Shrestha(24th Aug 2012)

        On 24th Aug 2012, the Myanmar study tour group and Professor Hasegawa visited UNICEF Yangon office, and had an unforgettable briefing by Mr. Ramesh Shrestha, who is the representative of UNICEF Yangon.
       Mr. Ramesh Shrestha started his lecture by introducing recent transition of measures such as Media law, Labor law, and so on. In particular, he explained how the relationship between government and armed groups had been changed. Then, he talked about the economic situation of Myanmar. Some countries like South Korea and China have started to invest in Myanmar because there are natural resources. However, there are three issues. First, electricity supply is not adequate for business. Second, investment law has some problems. Third, infrastructure hasn’t been prepared. Furthermore, he explained UN position. UNICEF is working for providing basic human needs to people. They are constructing primary schools, providing stationary supplies. In addition, they are providing people with access to safe drinking water. After his lecture, he responded to some questions and comments from the students. (Shohei Suzuki)