[Seminar] The third class, carefully read “International Conflicts” Chapter3 and Chapter4 (24th April 2012)

 Today, the third seminar of this year was held in 4th and 5th period. During 4th period, we used “Understanding International Conflicts”. Two members from the Development and Economic group explained chapter 3: Balance of Power and the cause of WWI. In 5th period, another two presenters from the group explained collective security and WWⅡ.(Sayuri Maruyama)


[Seminar] The First Class of Hasegawa’s Seminar was held and carefully read “International Conflict” Chapter 2 (10th April 2012)

 Today, the first seminar of this year was held in 4th and 5th period. During 4th period, we had to explain the programs for this year and how to write in process. We believe that the end of the study tour will be during the summer vacation. After that, the research skill improvement program was held. From the program, we learned how to give presentation,discussion and ask good questions.
During 5th period, peace-building groups gave presentations about chapter 2 of “International Dispute”written by Joseph S. Nye Jr.
The presenter explained the cause of conflict in 3 phases; individual,national and international community with the case of war in Iraq. Also, we studied the paradigm of political philosophy through the history of Napoleonic Wars and the Congress of Vienna. (Mai Kato)


[Seminar] Exciting Tennis Matches between the Seminar Members — the 3rd day of the Spring Camp (2nd April 2012)

 On 2nd April 2012, all of the seminar students were divided into three groups: the human rights group, the development economics group and the peace-building group, and each group determined their annual plan this year. Through all programs of that training camp, they could image a series of the seminar class and their motivation could be uplifted. After that, they moved to the tennis courts by car, and played tennis. First, they played the one-on-one matches. The most of the games were seesaw game, and Professor Hasegawa was a very good tennis player. At last, Misa Komine won the victory. Moreover, they also played mixed doubles. However they couldn’t finish it because of lack of time. Next, they came back to the hotel again and took their luggage then went to the station. They headed to Shinjuku by bus and they said goodbye.
 The past three days, they had a great time to learn many things and deepened ties with the members of the Hasegawa seminar. (Misa Komine)


[Seminar] Insightful Presentations about “The Problems of Philosophy”– the 2nd day of the Spring Camp (1st April 2012)

 On 1st April 2012, all of the seminar students analyzed themselves with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) in the morning. Then they watched the “Justice with Michael Sandel”, and discussed what would be the right thing to do if we had to choose either (1) killing one person to save the other five people or (2) doing nothing. After the lunch, they took some memorial photos in front of the Lake Kawaguchi, and then new sophomores made their presentations about “The Problems of Philosophy”. As the result of their scoring on the presentations, Mai Uchida was awarded the first prize. After the supper, they discussed where to go as their study trip in this summer vacation, yet they couldn’t reach an agreement. Finally, they had a little party. It was a precious time to know each other. (Kohei Yokota)


[Seminar] Introduction to the Hasegawa Seminar — the 1st day of the Spring Camp (31st March 2012)

 On 31st March 2012, all of the seminar students and Professor Hasegawa went to Kawaguchiko for training camp. Between 13:00 and 14:00, they checked the time table of the training camp and the annual schedule of the seminar class this year. After that, each section: general affair section, website and minutes section, study trip section, public relations section and class management section, explained their works and introduce themselves. After 16:00, they decided the role of each member dividing into groups. Later, Professor Hasegawa talked on leadership between 17:00 and 17:45. After the supper, Shogo Yoshida and Keiki Takemasa made the presentations on how to write a thesis and to make a presentation. Finally, Professor Hasegawa gave the lecture about “international conflicts”. (Keiki Takemasa)


[Seminar] 長谷川ゼミ幹部会 (30th March 2012)

 3月30日に長谷川ゼミの幹部会が開かれ、現ゼミ長の丸山小百合、副ゼミ長の中仙道舞と吉田翔悟に加え、顧問 中本優太と野田悠将が参加した。ここでは、河口湖で3月31日から4月2日まで開かれるゼミ合宿の内容と今後の方向性を協議した。また、中本優太より、2011年度 卒業生を代表して、長谷川先生へ記念品が手渡された。 (野田悠将)


[Seminar] Study Group on UN Peace Operations (18th February 2012)

 On February 18, 2012, a study group on UN peace operations held its session and heard three speakers: Mr. Hideki Hayashi, Ms. Nadia Wang and Mr. Hiroshi Matsumoto. First, Mr. Hideki Hayashi, captain of the Maritime Self-Defense Force, explained the growing importance of “Protection of Civilians (POC)” in PKO. Through his presentation, I think Japan should participate in POC and do overseas deployment of troops more. However, I understand there are some domestic problems such as constitutional interpretation. Second, Ms. Nadia Wang presented “Climate Change, Global Justice, and Democracy”. She said there were different opinions about the notion of responsibility for global warming or greenhouse gases between developing country and developed one. Professor Hasegawa explained the key phrase which was “common but differentiated responsibility”. Each country has each claim but I felt we should have consciousness for global citizens. Finally, Mr. Hiroshi Matsumoto, worked at Japan Action for Relief Center and Japan Center for Conflict Prevention spoke about Japan’s role in addressing humanitarian and other global issues. He said Japan should become a country which is respected by other countries in the future. To achieve that, Japan should extend helping to the world although Japan is also suffering from the Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster of 3.11. (Yasuki Uchiyama and Yui Narikawa)