2012 (Seminar Class)

[Seminar] Policing in peace operations and the significance of human capital in developing countries’ economy (27th Nov 2012)

On 27th November 2012, Yuhi Kawase made a presentation on policing in the context of peace operations on the basis of the chapter 17 of the “Understanding Peacekeeping” written by Alex J. Bellamy and Paul D. Williams. He spared most of his time for providing the historical overview of policing in peace operations. After his presentation, students discussed and shared their views and understandings on what sort of challenges policing in peace operations confronts.
In the latter half of our class, Yui Narikawa, Yasuki Uchiyama, and Moe Kurisu, who belong to study group of the development economics, made presentations on the significance of human capital in developing countries’ economy on the basis of the “Economic Development” written by Michael P. Todaro and Stephen Smith. They specially focused on how health affects development, economic analysis of child labour, and social costs and benefits of education in developing countries. In the class, professor Hasegawa helped us grasping the ideas and terminologies frequently used in economics. (Jun Sune Misu)


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