[Seminar] Transitional Administration and the case study of Timor-Leste (16th Oct 2012)

  During 4th period on October 16th of 2012, Risa Kato, Yuui Sasaki, and Sayaka Yatabe, who are members of the Peace Building Group, made a presentation on the theme of why the rule of law was not implemented in Timor-Leste. They focused on the importance of rule of law and explained the problem of ruling Timor-Leste.
  In 5th period, Aimi Ezawa, Yasuki Uchiyama, Minshik Kim, and Hayato Takeuchi, who are members of the Economic Development Group, made a presentation on transitional administration of understanding peacekeeping. They pointed out the importance of cooperation between local people and outside actors. After the presentation, Professor Hasegawa addressed his students on the issue concerning transitional administration in detail based on his field experience. We learned that it is essential for the United Nations to build a liberal-democratic state that reflects the opinions of the local people.
(Eri Iijima)