Japanese students visit Timor-Leste and enjoy home stay in this summer

HaLuz, student NGO in Japan (former LoRoSHIP)

 HaLuz, a student NGO in Japan (former LoRoSHIP) visited Timor-Leste for three weeks from 25 August to 13 September 2014 and enjoyed homestays in Timorese houses.

 Mr. Shotaro Fujita, Freshman at the Hosei University, reports as follows:

“We went to Dili that is capital city, Ermera that is famous for Coffee industry, and Lautein that is east area in Timor-Leste. We stayed with a family (homestay) in Ermera and researched on coffee. Although we caught a glimpse of many problems such as education and infrastructure that Timor-Leste faces, we also felt many good aspects of Timor-Leste such that they are full of human warmth. As we experienced these situation, Timor-Leste still has something that Japanese people are losing nowadays, we think. Thus, We wish Timor-Leste to encourage and to treasure them forever. At present, We are carrying out the Mathematics Project to improve on the current educational system in Timor-Leste, and the Tais Project to protect and promote their traditional craft industries. If you are interested in our group, please access to our Facebook page.”

(Shotaro Fujita, Department of Political Science, Faculty of Law, Hosei University)