Successfully Finishes the OB/OG Reunion Dinner (29th November 2014)

Professor Hasegawa and his seminar students

 On 29 November 2014, an annual OB/OG reunion dinner was held at café carat. This year, it was organized by Ms. Minako Ishikawa and Ms. Yui Narikawa who are the seventh year students of the Hasegawa seminar. 34 former students kindly came and enjoyed this party. As usual, they introduced themselves and talked to each other about their recent activities. After that, Professor Hasegawa gave a presentation about his activities in 2014 as well as some messages to seminar students. He kindly mentioned the way how to survive such a globalized competitive society and how to get happiness. We also decided that the next reunion party will be held by the second year students of the seminar. All of us seemed to enjoy the dinner and miss the days of seminar activities with Professor Hasegawa.

(Minako Ishikawa)

 11月29日、OBOG会をcafé caratで開きました。今年は、第7期生の石川と成川さんが幹事として、OBOG会を行いました。34人のOBOGの方々に来ていただき、例年通り、自己紹介や、近況報告を行いました。その後、長谷川先生に、2014年の振り返りのお話と、グローバル化する競争社会でどのように勝利し、幸せになれるかに関して、お話していただきました。また、来年度のOBOG会の幹事を2期生の方々にしていただくことも決定しました。参加者全員がOBOG会で様々な方とお話出来たことを楽しみ、昔の先生とのゼミ活動を懐かしんでいたように感じました。