Announcement for the 13th seminar of the PRAJ on 14th March 2015 (closed)

 The 13th seminar of the Peacebuilding Research Association of Japan (PRAJ) will have two speakers: Emmi Okada who will speak on “Religion and Peacebuilding” and Raymond Yamamoto on “Proactive Pacifism – The Securitization of Japan’s Foreign Policy”.
 The seminar will take place on Saturday, 14 March 2015 from 15:00 to 17:30 at Hosei University, Graduate School Building, 2nd Floor, Room 201. For participation in the seminar, please send your name to Professor Katsumi Ishizuka (石塚 勝美), Secretary-General of the Peacebuilding Research Association of Japan (**this seminar already ended successfully, thank you).
 As for the presentation by Emmi Okada, you can get information about her research in advance from the website of the Cabinet Office.

 Emmi Okada graduated from the University of Sydney with a double degree in Law and International Relations. Her first Master’s degree was obtained from the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Tokyo, and she subsequently entered the doctoral course at the same department, focusing her research on the relationship between religion and peacebuilding. Emmi then completed a second Master’s degree in Development Studies at the University of Oxford. Her professional experience includes serving as a Judge’s Associate at the Supreme Court of Western Australia for close to two years (admitted as an Australian lawyer in 2011), and working as a Junior Fellow at the Rector’s office of the United Nations University, as a Director’s Assistant at the Japan Center for Conflict Prevention (JCCP), and as a Campaign Leader to raise funds for UNHCR. In academia, she worked as a Lecturer at Tama University’s School of Global Studies and as Editor/Coordinator at the Nihon University Population Research Institute (NUPRI). She assumed her current post of Programme Adviser at the Secretariat of Secretariat of the International Peace Cooperation Headquarters, Cabinet Office in January 2015.
 *In the website of the Cabinet Office, you can see her article related to her presentation of this seminar.


 Raymond Yamamoto completed a master`s degree in Japanese Studies and Political Science (International Relations) at the University of Hamburg. His master`s thesis dealt with the impact of international norms on Japan`s Official Development Assistance (ODA). After spending two years at Hamburg University as an academic assistant, Raymond enrolled in the doctoral course at the same University. His Ph.D. thesis research is focused on the Japan`s security policy since the Cold War. In 2013, this research was continued at the University of Kobe, with the help of the Japan Foundation Research Scholarship. Raymond is currently writing his Ph.D. thesis at the German Institute for Japanese Studies (DIJ) in Tokyo.