Faculty Advisors from Japan, China and Korea Listen to JCK Students

 On September 17 at JCK Youth Forum, Professors Jieun Park of UNA-ROK and Sukehiro Hasegawa of UNA-Japan and Ms. Li Xueyao of UNA-China listened to JCK students make presentations of their discussions on lessons learned from history, climate change and humanitarian assistance. (Hiroto Kiyozumi)

 Hirotaka Koike suggested a shift from economic growth based on GDP to sustainable development. To finance this shift, he proposed a tax on environmental degradation to ensure an equitable burden sharing.

 Rise Katsuda suggested that the Japanese Government should sincerely and voluntarily clarify its past war atrocities so that history issues would not trigger further disputes in the future.

 Masakazu Nagamine presented specific solutions to eliminate obstacles preventing cooperation among East Asian countries. The solutions include cooperation between private sector and government of China, Japan, and Korean.

 Sachiyo Takazawa and her partner discussed the stance of the Republic of Korea in the MUN as the delegates to improve the UN humanitarian assistance system.

 Hiroto Kiyozumi made a speech to encourage delegates to embrace the moment with their fellows and extend their friendship to their neighbors, quoting his friendship with Korean leader DongHyeon Kim.

 During symposium group presentation session, Kana Horibe points out the gap of political knowledge and low motivation to learn history among people as critical problem over different historical narratives.

 On the symposium session, Akihide Toda presented fundamental causes of historical problems in Northeast Asia and emphasized roles of public and education for tackling those issues.