ASEAN地域フォーラムで熊谷直子が紛争予防外交の一環として事実確認を地域内外で協力することの重要性を指摘した (29/11/2018)


Summary Report on Presentation by Naoko Kumagai,
“Fact-Finding in Preventive Diplomacy:
Intra- and Extra-Regional Cooperation”
at the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) Workshop on
Preventive Diplomacy: New Ideas and New Approaches
November 29-30, 2018
Nanjing, China

 Naoko Kumagai presented the role of fact-finding in preventive diplomacy. Kumagai explained that fact-finding is indispensable for the reinforcement of confidence building and is useful for preventive diplomacy measures, in particular early warning and mediation.

 Still, Kumagai emphasized the limitations of fact-finding as seen in biased fact collection and interpretations, which often occur even in U.N. human rights reports. Then she pointed out that fact-finding can be paralyzed once mutual confidence among parties is broken.

 She addressed the importance of fact-finding at the confidence-building level and suggested that a functional approach to fact-finding in technical issue areas would be possible even with the principles of non-interference.

 Kumagai suggested an independent ARF office or an office within the ASEAN Institute for Peace and Reconciliation which provides fact-finding mission, stores fact and data, serves as an arena of free discussion over conflictual results of fact-finding without any judgement capabilities, and works as liaison between intra-regional and extra regional cooperation for arranging the most effective fact-finding mission for each case.

 After the panel, Kumagai received comments sharing the same observation about the growing problem of irreconcilable interpretational disputes over a single fact seen both in domestic and international politics, which often leads to the failure of dialogue itself. The comments also included the importance of serious institutional development for fact-finding missions overcoming such crisis.