【NEWS】Prime Minister Gusmao Recieves Professor Hasegawa and His Students

Prime Minister Gusmao recieved Professor Hasegawa and his students at his own office on 31 August 2009. The Prime Minister explained to Professor Hasegawa about the progress made under the AMP Government led by him during the last two years. The Prime Minister presented to a package of Timor Coffee marked with a label “Timor-Leste Celebrating 10 Years of Independence”.(Asami Ikeda)グスマン総理大臣は2009年8月31日に長谷川教授及びゼミの生徒を総理大臣官邸で出迎えました。総理大臣は独立10周年のティモール・コーヒーを記念として生徒に授与しました。(池田麻美)