[IntOrg]2011年11月1日 地域国際機構としてのASEANの進展と課題(長谷川祐弘教授)


 On 1st November 2011, Professor Hasegawa lectured on the status and challenges of the ASEAN with an emphasis on the economic integration.
 Firstly, he explained the structures and institutions of the ASEAN, and the outcome of various conferences. And he indicated the ASEAN Free Trade Area Agreement concluded in 1993 and the Common Effective Preferential Tariff agreed in 1992 as trends of ASEAN for economic integration. He also mentioned in details the challenges faced by ASEAN.
 Finally, he explained the differences between Economic Partnership Agreement and Free Trade Agreement in terms of the economic relationships between ASEAN and Japan.
(Shogo Yoshida)