[Seminar]11月29日 「開発経済班の学べる国際貿易講座」とJames Greenさんによるご講義

 On November 29th, the Development and Economy group made a presentation on UNCTAD, and Mr. James made his presentation on the 2011 London riots.
 Firstly, the group explained the background and activities of the UNCTAD, then Kim gave in details the optimistic view based on the theory of comparative advantage, and Iijima showed the pessimistic view based on the Keynesian economics. Additionally, Kodatsu mentioned South-South cooperation.
 After their presentation, Mr. James, a member of the Daiwa Scholars 2011, came and made his presentation on the London riot in 2011. He gave us a comprehensive piece of information about the riot. He also emphasized that there were many riots in London historically.
(Dona Jung)