[Seminar]<Autumn Training Camp> Shogo Yoshida Lectured How to Write a Paper (November 26th)

 On November 26th, Shogo Yoshida, one of the members of the Hasegawa Seminar, delivered a lecture on the way to write a paper.
Firstly, as an introductory part, I remarked on the essence of the paper such as what research and writing are, the meaning of telling own outcome to someone else, and the flowchart to write own paper.
Secondly, as a practical part, I told the following: how to have awareness of the issues, what the themes of own paper and how to form own paper.
Thirdly, as an applied part, I mentioned the main points of the valuation bases and what copyright is.
Finally, as a Q&A part, some students asked me several question.
 And we also discussed how we can write much better papers. Though my lecture, I really hope they make more efforts to write papers hardly and highly.
(Shogo Yoshida)