[Seminar] Head and Two Vice-Heads of Hasegawa Seminar Class Elected for the First Half of New Year, 2012 (10th Jan 2012)

 On 10th January 2012, in the last seminar class of the year 2011, there was an election of head and vice-heads of the Prof. Hasegawa seminar class for their term of first six months of 2012. As a result of the voting, the following members of the seminar class were elected as the Head and the Vice-Heads:

   Head; Sayuri Maruyama
   Vice-Head; Shogo Yoshida
   Vice-Head; Mai Nakasendo

 The new executive team expressed their appreciation of honor accorded to them. They also pledged to provide good environment for each member of the seminar to be able to contribute to the seminar and to work hard together.

(Shogo Yoshida)