[Balkan] Briefing by IOM Kosovo (23th August 2012)

 On 23th August 2012, the Balkan study tour members visited IOM office after having received a briefing from UNHCR office in Kosovo. At the beginning, Mr. Sheremet Kukaj, National Operations Officer and Ms. Alessia Schiavon, Beautiful Kosovo Project Manager gave us an overview of IOM activities in Kosovo. IOM Kosovo through AVRR Programme aims to promote sustainable voluntary return and reintegration of Kosovars, returning from different Western European countries through measures to improve economic prospects for both the returnees and members of the receiving communities, thereby enhancing the capacity of return communities to continue to attract, absorb and retain returning migrants and other displaced people and to prevent further out – migration. Thanks to “Beautiful Kosovo” Project, IOM contributes to poverty reduction through the enhancement of economic opportunities for Kosovo population, especially marginalized groups, in line with National Strategies. At the end, they responded to some questions related to voluntary return, reasons of migration, and support to the minorities in Kosovo. (Daiki Kawabe)