[Diplomacy]2011年10月5日 “The U.S-Japan Alliance” Mr. Richard Bakewell

Mr. Richard Bakewell lectured on “The U.S-Japan Alliance”. His lecture were consisted of 5 parts. First, he talked about history of partnership between U.S. and Japan. Specially he focused on common strategic objectives. Second, he lectured on “Current U.S. military presence in Japan”. Then he focused on U.S. forces in Japan, the reasons, the history so on. Third he talked us about “Defense policy review initiative and realignment”. Forth, he lectured on “New security challenges”. The new challenges were terrorism including other trans national issues, anti-piracy and cyber. Fifth, he gave us details U.S.-Japan cooperation after the great Japan Earthquake, “Operation Tomodachi”, U.S – military assistance and Fukushima Daiichi Assistance.(Sayuri Maruyama)