Geneva Training Seminar for Graduate Students (1 to 5 April 2013)


 From left to right,

 Professor Hasegawa, Tomoko Taga (University of Manchester),
 Yuria Inanaga (University of Edinburg), Misaki Suto (London University),
 Taro Mizuno (University of Portsmouth), Yuhei Shiratsuchi (University of Sussex),
 and Ikue Matsumoto (University of London)

 From 1st to 5th of April, Japanese students attending graduate schools in the United Kingdom and other European universities participated in the training program on the path to become UN professional staff and the competencies required for the entry to UN organizations. This program, which was organized by the Matsumoto Kenshukai in Geneva, was assisted by many supporters and volunteers. It reflected the recognition of Japanese government and people about the need to increase Japanese staff presence in the UN and other international organizations commensurate with the share of Japanese financial contributions to the organizations. In this program, we visited several agencies such as UNCTAD, WHO, IOM, UNHCR and UNICEF and met current and former staff of the UN and other international organizations. All of the lectures were most helpful in providing us with not only relevant information but also lessons we should keep in mind for our studies and future career goals.
 On the first and third days of the seminar, Professor Hasegawa made informative talks on transformation of roles and policies of international organizations and the latest doctrines on norms of protection. He also advised us on the importance of knowing ourselves thoroughly in terms of our suitability to any specific career path we wish to pursue by using the Myers-Briggs personality type indicators. I am sure this training program will be a turning point for us in making decisions for our career paths.

(Yuhei Shiratsuchi)