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Hosei University Students hold a reunion at Professor Hasegawa’s residence (26/11/2017)

 Chizuru Mori, Hayato Takeuchi, Yuta Nakamoto, Masashi Kano, Yumi Shinoda and Norimasa Noguchi reported on their professional works, lessons learned and future aspirations. They were joined by Nagashima-kun, Takemasa-kun and Ito-san for dinner.

Former Hosei students hold a reunion (26/03/2017)

 Eight former Hasegawa seminar students discussed their working conditions and family lives with their former teacher.

Hirano Kyoko gets married (20/03/2017)

 Hasegawa Seminar First Year Student Hirano Kyoko had a traditional Japanese wedding ceremony at famous Nogi Shrine which was established in November 1923 in honor of General Nogi Maresuke and his wife Shizuko.


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