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【NEWS】Responsibility To Share~our responsibility to share information and knowledge regarding Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant with international society~

On March 26, Professor Sukehiro Hasegawa, Ms. Akari Kano, and eight students from the Hasegawa seminar class discussed the implications of Japan’s massive earthquake and nuclear power plant issue. Professor Hasegawa and Ms. Kano emphasized that Japanese leaders needed to realize how important for Japan act as a global leader on handling the nuclear power issue.(Keisuke Nagashima, Jun Sune Misu)

【NEWS】2011.03.13 Hosei High School Students Start Special English Lessons

On March 13, six female students of the Hosei Second High School started their special English language class in prepration for their interviews by Kent. The Hasegawa seminar students who assisted in conducting class are Mr. Akira Nakamura, Ms Aoi Yokoda, Ms. Mika Kato and Mr. Hayato Takeuchi.

【NEWS】2011.02.19 Hiroshima Peacebuilders Visit Edajima Maritime Defense Academy

Professor Hasegawa and 30 trainees of the Hiroshima Peacebuilders from 16 countries visited Yamato Museum at the port city of Kure outside of Hiroshima and also the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force Naval Academy in Edajima on February 19, 2011.

【NEWS】Professor Hasegawa Speaks to Hiroshima Peacebuilders

Professor Hasegawa spoke to a group of trainees attending the peacebuilding training program held in Hiroshima. Organized by the HIroshima Peacebuilders with funds provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the training course had 30 trainees from several countries including China.

【NEWS】Timorese Minister Emilia Pires Presents “Accomplishments and Challenges of a Post-Conflict Country”

On Tuesday 15 February 2011, Minister of Finance of Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste Emilia Pires made a comprehensive presentation on “Accomplishments and Challenges of a Post-Conflict Country” at a seminar organized by the Institute of Sustainability and Peace of the United Nations University in Tokyo. She spoke about tangible achievements made and the need for further progress in the post-conflict peacebuilding taking place in Timor-Leste. (Hayato Takeuchi)

【NEWS】2011.1.27. UNU Interactive Seminar on Global Issues ~The Dark Side of Globalization

At the UNU Interactive Seminar on Global Issues, Professor Ramesh Thakur of the University of Waterloo introduced a new book entitled The Dark Side of Globalization published by the United Nations University Press. Professor Sukehiro Hasegawa participated in the book review meeting as discussant. Introduction was made by Mr. Vesselin Popovski, the Senior Academic Programme Officer of UNU. (Jun Sune Misu)

【NEWS】Hiroshima Civilian Peacebuilders Training

Professor Hasegawa delivered lectures to 20 trainees at a training seminars organized by the Hiroshima Peacebuilders. The training seminar was funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Professor Hasegawa explained the integrated peacebuilding mission approach as well as the leadership roles and competencies required of the Special Representatives of the Secretary-General and Resident Coordinators of the UN system in post-conflict countries.

【NEWS】Timorese Parliamentarians Meet Japanese Counterparts and Professor Hasegawa


【NEWS】2010.12.20 Chinese Scholar Hairong Lai Speaks to Hosei Graduate Students

Mr. Hairong Lai, Executive Director of the China Center for Overseas Social and Philosophical Theories spoke to Hosei graduate class students on Monday, 20th December 2010. He made a presentation on “Changing Political and Economic Structure in China and Its Implications for Foreign Policy.”(Kisho Tsuchiya)

【NEWS】2010年11月19日 内閣府国際平和協力事務局とJICA中堅幹部と意見交換


【NEWS】District Chief Ruben Braz Meets Hasegawa

On September 6, the Timor-Leste Dili Administrator, Mr. Ruben Braz, met with Professor Hasegawa of Hosei Unive […]

【NEWS】Hasegawa Meets Prime Minsiter Xanana Gusmao and National Parliament President La Sama de Araujo of Timor-Leste

Professor Sukehiro Hasegawa of Hosei University met with Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao and also Mr. Fernando &# […]

【NEWS】7.12 Asia Pacific Elections Observers

Professor Hasegawa accompanied by his assistants Kisyo Tsuchiya and Yuho Nakagawa met with Thomas Cabral, Dire […]

【NEWS】Professor Hasegawa Delivers Gradution Prize Day Speech

Professor Hasegawa delivered a graduation prize day memorial speech entitled “New Leadership in a Global […]

【NEWS】Hosei University Starts Overseas Scholarship Programme

Vice President of Hosei University Katsumi Enomoto, Professor Sukehiro Hasegawa and Mr. Kimiyoshi Hayashi visi […]

【NEWS】Chika Suefuji Started Internship in Washington, D.C.

Chika Suefuji. our seminar student, started her internship with UNDP in Washington, D.C. She has already atten […]


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