[Diplomacy]November 9th “The Next Steps: What Lies Ahead for the US-Japan Relationship”(H.E. James P. Zumwalt)

 On November 9th, H.E. James P. Zumwalt, Deputy Chief of Mission of the US Embassy in Japan, came and made his speech in the Diplomacy class. He delivered the speech on ‘The Next Steps: What lies ahead for the US-Japan Relationship’, after the opening speech by Professor Mori Satoshi, the Chief of the Department of the Global Politics. In his speech, he especially focused on the following three points: security relationship, economic relationship, and people to people relationship. He also told with an emphasis that Japan and United States share common interests and values such as liberal democracy. Following the keynote speech, under the Professor Suzuki’s moderation, Professor Mori and Associate Professor Meadows gave their comments. Then some students asked various questions to Minister Zumwalt. After that, Professor Hasegawa lastly suggested to him, “Sharing common interests are important, but the economy is not everything. Moreover, we should share each other’s uniqueness and respect each other’s position.” (Dona Jung)


【シンポジウム】2011.7.5. The Dialogues with Ambassadors Session IV was held in Skyhall.

 The fourth dialogue with an ambassador was held in the Sky Hall on 5 July 2011 with H.E. Mr. Lukman Faily, Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq in Japan. Firstly he talked about Black Swan Theory of Prof. Nassim Nichol Taleb. After that Ambassador explained Iraq and Arab Countries with the data which are Political, Social and Economical. He also mentioned the key elements impacting change and the challenges for them. After the presentation, there was some question- and-answer period and a lot of students asked Ambassador many questions.(Nanami Ito)


【シンポジウム】2011. 6. 21st The third dialogue with ambassadors was held in the Sky-hall

 The third dialogue with an ambassador was held in the Sky-hall on June 21st, 2011 with H. E. Mr. Mikhail Mikhailovich Bely Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation to Japan. Professor Nobuo Shimotomai, a head of the Graduate School of Global and Asian Politics introduce Ambassador Mikhail. Following the opening speech by Vice president Fukuda, Ambassador Mikhail Mikhailovich Bely delivered a speech on East Asian countries, particularly Japan and China. In addition, he mentioned the Korean issues and the Fukushima nuclear incident. Afterwards, Professor Kwon Ho-Young, Masaharu Hishida and Kravtsevich Andrei commented on the Ambassador’s speech, and Hosei University sutents asked questions to the Ambassador. (Lena Kondo)


【シンポジウム】 2011.5.17 The second dialogue with an ambassador was held in the Skyhall

The second dialogue with an ambassador was held in the Skyhall on May 17, 2011 with H.E.Dr.Philip de Heer Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Japan. President Toshio Masuda of Hosei University welcomed the Dutch Ambassador in his opening statement. Following the introduction by Vice President Fukuda, Ambassador Philip de Heer delivered a speech on China’s emergence as a major power and its implications for Europe and Japan. Professors Hishida, Suzuki, Shimotomai and Mori commented on the Ambassador’s speech and Hosei University students asked questions to the Ambassador. (Kana Hashimoto)