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【NEWS】10 Hasegawa Students Graduate Hosei University

10 students belonging to the Hasegawa seminar class graduated from Hosei University at the end of March 2010. […]

【NEWS】UNMIT事務総長副特別代表、川上隆久氏を思う・・・長谷川ゼミOB 土屋喜生

2010年3月15日、UNMIT(国連東ティモール統合ミッション)にて事務総長副特別代表として活躍しておられた川上隆久氏が、赴任地である東ティモールにて60歳の若さで亡くなられました。 川上氏は、1977年、外務省に入省 […]

【NEWS】Professor Hasegawa Meets President Ramos-Horta of Timor-Leste

On March 16, Professor Sukehiro Hasegawa met President Jose Ramos-Horta of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Le […]

【NEWS】Noguchi and Tsuchiya back in Japan

Two of the 4th grade Hasegawa seminar graduates, Norimasa Noguchi and Kisho Tsuchiya have returned to Japan. N […]

【NEWS】長谷川ゼミ4年生 野口哲正さんが朝日新聞に掲載されました。

◆ルワンダで大学生2人がインターン  日本人の存在感のなさ痛感  部族間の対立から1990年代、内戦と大量虐殺があったアフリカ中部の国ルワンダ。現地で日本人が経営するし尿処理剤の販売会社へ、都内の大学から2人の学生がイン […]

【NEWS】2010.1.21-22 “Professor Hasegawa Conducts Hiroshima Peacebuidling Training”

“Professor Sukehiro Hasegawa made a series of lectures to trainees from Asian, CIS and Middle Eastern co […]

【NEWS】Dec. 16 Kevin Gilroy Donates 25,000 Yen to Hasegawa Seminar Class

Kevin Gilroy, UNV Chief of Special Operations for Peace and Humanitarian Operations, donated an amount of 25,0 […]

【NEWS】 “Professor Hasegawa Speaks to African Police Officers”

Professor Sukehiro Hasegawa of Hosei University delivered two lectures on peace mission leadership and democra […]

【NEWS】2009年11月19日(木)”Professor Hasegawa Delivers Lectures at Hiroshima”

“Professor Hasegawa spoke about the integrated mission concept, the rule of law, institutional capacity […]

【大学院】2009年10月31日(土)Professor Tatsuro Kunugi

Professor Tatsuro Kunugi delivered on 31 October a lecture to graduate students on the changing roles and functions of the UN system, with more than 7 billion dollars a year for its peacekeeping budget.

【NEWS】2009年11月6日(金)陸上自衛隊小平学校での長谷川教授による講義『国連平和維持活動の役割と変遷』 On 6 November, Professor Sukehiro Hasegawa delivered a lecture on the growth and transformation of UN peacekeeping operations at the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force Kodaira School.

11月6日(金)陸上自衛隊小平学校からの依頼を受けて、「国連平和維持活動の役割と変遷」について講義をされた。講義では、陸上自衛隊小平学校の陸上自衛官およそ100名を対象に、伝統的PKOと第2世代PKOについて話された。ま […]

【NEWS】GPOI Senior Leadership Training Course

A Senior Leadership Training course was held for two weeks from 19 October at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

【STEP】2009年9月30日 Assistants for STEP Class

Yuki Yamazaki, Aoi Yokoda and Kanako Sakai have been appointed assistants to
Professor Hasegawa to provide support to the management of STEP class


A new class of STEP has started at Hosei University for the first year university students. STEP means a Sustainable Training in English Programme and designed for students to learn contemporary global issues in English.

【NEWS】Preparatory Meeting Held For GPOI Senior Mission Leadership Training

A preparatory meeting for the GPOI Senior Peace Mission Leadership training course was held at Hosei University on 16 October with the opening remark made by Hosei University Vice President Akiro Tomiyasu. Professor Sukehiro Hasegawa discussed substantive, managerial and procedural issues with the organizers from United States Global Peace Operation Initiative, Mr. Timothy Byrne and Mr. Stein Ellington of the Center for Civil-Military Relations of Naval Postgraduate School of the Untied States and Mr. Robin Sakota of Armitage International. Also participated in the meeting was Mr. Keiichik Shima, Deputy Director of the International Peace Cooperation Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. (Asami Ikeda)



【NEWS】Prime Minister Gusmao Recieves Professor Hasegawa and His Students

timor-leste-029Prime Minister Gusmao recieved Professor Hasegawa and his students at his office on 31 August 2009. The Prime Minister explained to Professor Hasegawa about the progress made under the AMP Government led by him during the last two years. The Prime Minister presented to a package of Timor Coffee marked with a label “Timor-Leste Celebrating 10 Years of Independence.(Asami Ikeda)グスマン総理大臣は2009年8月31日に長谷川教授及びゼミの生徒を総理大臣官邸で出迎えました。総理大臣は独立10周年のティモール・コーヒーを記念として生徒に授与しました。(池田麻美)

【NEWS】Professor Hasegawa Meets President Ramos-Horta

ramos-horta-0031Professor Sukehiro Hasegawa of Hosei University met President Jose Ramos-Horta of Timor-Leste on September 3, 2009 at his presidential palace and discussed the significance of measures taken by the President and the Government of Timor-Leste in restoring peace and stability and the challenges for realizing sustainable development in the country.  (Asami Ikeda)

法政大学の長谷川祐弘教授は9月3日にラモスホルタ東ティモール大統領と会談して、国家の治安状況と持続可能な開発課題に関して協議した。8月28日より9月3日までの滞在期間に、長谷川教授は独立10年記念式典に参加した後にグスマン首相、ルアック国防司令官、ロンギーノ警察長官など政府関係者、マリア・ナターシャ上級裁判所臨時所長、マリ・アリカティリ・フレティリン幹事長、カーレ国連事務総長特別代表、北原巌男日本大使そして市民社会の指導者と会談した。また日本大使館主催のセミナー「東ティモールでの進歩と課題」で講演した。 (池田麻美)



【NEWS】Professor Hasegawa Meets Head of Awami League Hashina Just Before Bangladesh Parliamentary Elections

The Asia Pacific Democratic Partnership (APDP) delegation, headed by Professor Sukehiro Hasegawa of Hosei University, the former Special Representative of the Secretary-General,met with Awami League Head Hashina just before the parliamentary elections on 27 December 2008.

【NEWS】”Haruka Ikegawa Elected New President of the Hasegawa Seminar”



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