【NEWS】Noguchi and Tsuchiya back in Japan

Two of the 4th grade Hasegawa seminar graduates, Norimasa Noguchi and Kisho Tsuchiya have returned to Japan. Noguchi-san had spent 5 months in Rwanda working as an intern in a community based business. Tsuchiya-san had spent 11 months with the UNDP Timor-Leste working in the UNEST (UN Electoral Support Team). They were invited by Professor Hasegawa to a welcome lunch at Kameyoshi restaurant in Hiroo on March 1, 2010. Noguchi-san and Tsuchiya-san reported about their experiences during the internships, and both stressed the importance of living overseas and time to ponder about own lives. Yuumi Shinoda, Yuta Nakamoto and Yuki Yamazaki joined the welcome get-together.