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Former Japanese Ambassador to South Sudan will provide his perspective from the field on Japan’s peacebuilding contribution to South Sudan (28/01/2018)

 Former Ambassador to South Sudan and currently Deputy Director-General for African Masahiko KIYA will make presentation on “Japan’s Support for Peacebuilding in South Sudan: A Perspective from the Ground” on 28 January 2018 at Tokyo University Komaba Campus.

Global Peacebuilding Association Panel One discusses the changing UN peace operation policies (02/12/2017)

 Higashi identified challenges caused by POC, Hisamura presented field perspective, Takazawa theorized the crossroads between Protection of Civilians (POC) mandates and R2P, and Tsuyada explained MOFA`s assistance in capacity building of peacekeeping personnel, while Miwa revealed the dilemma in mandate formulation and implementation.

Professor Mizuno receives the highest rating by the graduate students of Tokyo University (02/12/2017)

 Graduate students who participated in the annual meeting of the Global Peacebuilding of Japan found the presentation made by Professor Takayuki Mizuno of Kanda University of International Relations best in terms of its content and clarity of presentation.

Global Peacebuilding Association of Japan: First Annual Meeting, Tokyo University Komaba Campus (02/12/2017)

“Peacebuilding: Roles of International Community and Japan”
(2017/12/02 10:00-18:00 @Collaboration Room 4, Building 18 Floor 4, Komaba Campus, the University of Tokyo)

‘Rwanda: to what extent has reconciliation and peacebuilding be achieved?’ (14/11/2017)

 Graduate Program on Human Security of the University of Tokyo and Global Peace Association of Japan (GPAJ) held a seminar on the extent of reconciliation achieved in Rwanda with Dr. Kazuyuki Sasaki of Protestant Institute of Arts and Social Sciences.

Former UN Under-Secretary-General Yasushi Akashi will open the first Annual Meeting of the Global Peacebuilding Association of Japan at Tokyo University Komaba Campus on 2 December 2017 (16/10/2017)

 Ambassador Yoshifumi Okamura, Representative of the Government of Japan for the International Peace and Stability, will deliver the keynote speech on “New Challenges for Peace Operations in Africa”.

Nature and level of DPRK military threat to Japan explained and debated at GPAJ seminar (30/09/2017)

 Former Admiral and Professor of the National Defense Academy Takashi Genda explained the DPRK relies mostly in the development of nuclear and missile weapons for achieving the parity with the United States, its ultimate enemy, based on the Mutual Assurance for Destruction (MAD).

Masaki Noke, new Director-General of the International Peace Cooperation Secetariat of the Cabinet Office reiterates that Japan will make further contributtions to meet the diverse operational needs of UN peace operations (25/08/2017)

 In his opening speech to the consultation meeting held with Mr. Hatem Elatawy, Deputy Director of Cairo Center for Conflict Resolution and Peacekeeping in Africa (CCCPA), Director-General Noke indicated three salient developments concerning international peace cooperation.

Japan’s assistance for African peace and security reviewed by African expert and Japanese scholars and practitioners. (25/08/2017)

 Hatem Elatawy, Deputy Director of Cairo Center for Conflict Resolution and Peacekeeping in Africa (CCCPA) appreciates Japan`s continued contributions to building institutional and human capacity is most desirable for African countries.

25th Seminar of Global Peacebuilding Association of Japan (10/06/2017)

 Participants Debate on “the Current Situation and Challenges in Thailand” and “Challenges faced by Myanmar and Cambodia” introduced by Former Ambassador Kojima and MOFA Asia Bureau Deputy Director-General Takizaki.

Three Experts address UN Peace Operations and Humanitarian Issues (25/03/2017)

 Professor Ishizuka presented his findings and views on UN peacekeeping operations, while Professor Yonekama discussed the manipulation of refugees and Professor Kihara-Hunt the role of UN police in protection of civilians.


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