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UNDEF Deputy Executive Head Mikiko SAWANISHI stressed “democracy” is a universal value based on the freely expressed will of people to determine their political, economic, social and cultural systems as stated in the World Summit Outcome Document 2005. (01/11/2018)

 Key points made during the discussion included the importance for UNDEF to sustain universal value, efficiency in execution of its programs and activities; to assist the institution building; to encourage local, national and regional ownership in democratization process. There was a consensus that Japan should support financially and technically the democratization process and sustaining democratic principles of governance.

International Terrorism and Japan’s Strategy for Security, Public Order Measures and Cooperation Efforts (22/09/2018)

 Ambassador in charge of International Cooperation for Countering Terrorism and International Organized Crime, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan Eiji YAMAMOTO, explained the incidents of international terrorism has reached its highest frequency in OECD countries, while it declined in Southeast Asia.

Kick-off Meeting held for the 2nd GPAJ Annual Conference (13/06/2018)

 The first meeting of the GPAJ Executive Committee was held on June 13 at Le Gourmand Bistro in Ebisu in preparation for the 2018 Annual Research Convention to be held on December 8 at JICA Research Institute at Ichigaya. Nine members commenced their work to be coordinated by Professor Kurosawa as Executive Chairman. (Kenji Nakazawa)

Ambassador Simona Leskovar explains Slovenia`s Accomplishments and Challenges to Japanese Scholars and Experts on Peace and Development (26/05/2018)

 At the 30th Seminar held on Saturday, 26 May 2018 at Tokyo University Komaba Campus, GPAJ members asked the Ambassador how Slovenia gained independence from ex-Yugoslavia and how Slovenia is deal with the mass inflow of refugees and migrants.

The outcome of the national elections in Timor-Leste examined by GPAJ seminar participants (26/05/2018)

 Timorese Embassy Counselor Nuno ALVES made a detailed presentation on the political and economic developments since 2008, followed by Daisuke Nihei of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan who provided an analysis of votes received by respective political parties on May 12, 2018. (Report filed by Denishi Joshi)

Timorese voters give the Aliança de Mudança para o Progresso (AMP), a coalition of three parties, an absolute majority of 34 of the 65 seats in Parliament. (24/05/2018)

 As the Global Peacebuilding Association of Japan holds a special session on the outcome of the national elections, Chairman of the AMP Xanana Gusmão sends his message affirming the commitment of Timorese political leaders to democratic governance. Please click here for his message.

Former Japanese Ambassador and UN Under-Secretary-General Kenzo OSHIMA emphasizes the leadership of Secretary-General is indispensable. (17/03/2018)

 Oshima found significant Secretary-General António Guterres` assessment that the UN suffered from “Fragmented structures, Byzantine procedures, Endless red tape.”


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