[OBOG] Hasegawa Seminar Students Graduate (24th March 2012)

 On 24th March 2012, seven students of the Hasegawa seminar class graduated from the Hosei University. They are: Kanako Sakai, Kotaro Matsuda, Ryosuke Ohyama, Ryota Kimura, Yuho Nakagawa, Yuki Yamazaki and Yuta Nakamoto. Here is a photo of the graduating class after the ceremony. Professor Hasegawa sent his best wishes from Cameroon, Africa, where he was conducting a peacekeeping training course for about 30 police officers from several francophone countries. (Yuta Nakamoto)


[OBOG] Year-end Party of Graduate Students (18th Dec 2011)

 On 18th December 2011, 25 graduate students of the Hasegawa seminar class held a dinner party at an Italian restaurant in Ebisu, Tokyo. This party organized by Ms. Yuki Yamazaki was attended also by 16 current members of the Hasegawa seminar class. In this entertainment, also the video letters from Ms. Suefuji and Mr. Tsuchiya were introduced. Moreover, graduate members gave a muffler to Professor Hasegawa as his birthday present. Through this event, we promoted much more mutual friendship among the current and graduate members of the Hasegawa seminar class. (Shogo Yoshida)