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【シンポジウム】Government officials explain Japan`s peace cooperation policy

At the international symposium on Japan’s international peace cooperation operations held at UN University on […]

【シンポジウム】Popovski opens international sysmposium on Japan`s peace cooperation at UN University in Tokyo

Mr. Vesselin Popovski, UNU senior academic officer, opened an international sysmposium on Japan`s internationa […]

【シンポジウム】Dec.16 UNV Special Operation Chief Presents Roles of UN Voluntters in World Peace and Development

Mr. Kevin Gilroy, Chief of Special Operations for Peace and Humanitarian Operations of the UN Volunteers progr […]

【シンポジウム】a memorial lecture delivered by Foreign Minister Alexader Stubb of Finland

Foreign Minister Alexader Stubb of Finland delivered a memorial lecture at Hosei University on 4 November. He spoke about the European Union as a global power in the making. President Toshio Masuda welcomed and Vice President Akira Tokuyasu introduced the Foreign Minister, and Dean of Law Faculty Atsushi Sugita made concluding remarks.



【シンポジウム】2009/06/23Hosei University Peace and Development Seminar

Part I: Global Population Movement and Protection of People’s Basic Human Rights: The Role of International Organizations
Part II: Effectiveness of International Assistance to Timor-Leste


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