[NEWS] 防衛省主催「第2回 国際平和協力基礎講習」 -国連平和活動の動向と課題- (2012年1月30日)

 On January 30, 2012, Professor Hasegawa delivered a three-hour lecture on the theme of “The Challenges of UN Peace Operations” during the second session of the Basic Training Course on International peace Cooperation held at the Ministry of Defense in Tokyo. At this lecture, 44 members of the Japan Self-defense Forces attended the lecture. One third of the participants had been engaged in peacekeeping operations. Professor Hasegawa explained about the transformation of UN PKO operations over the last sixty years and the challenges posed on the United Nations peacekeepers in terms of carrying out their mandates and in protecting civilians. He referred to cases of severe human rights violations and genocides that occurred in Somalia, Rwanda, and Bosnia. During the second part of his lecture, he explained the system of UN Security Council and the process of establishing peace missions and the efforts made to achieve integration of civilian, police and military components as well as coordination between humanitarian and security activities. At the end of the lecture, Professor Hasegawa emphasized the need for peacekeepers to understand fully the mentality and mindsets of national leaders and local people. And also, as former Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General, Professor Hasegawa mentioned that contributions Japan and Japan Self-Defense Forces had been making in assisting post-conflict countries to carry out the rehabilitation of their communities and infrastructure facilities. Following his lecture, Professor Hasegawa responded to several questions asked by the participants. (Eri Iijima)


[NEWS] 訪日中のジョゼ・ラモス=ホルタ大統領、長谷川教授とゼミ生と懇談 (2012年1月20日)

 On 20th January 2012, Professor Hasegawa and six Hosei students met President José Ramos-Horta of Timor-Leste at Imperial Hotel in Tokyo. Professor Hasegawa and President Ramos-Horta had a private dinner and talked about the current political and economic situation in Timor-Leste. Afterwards, the students met the President, and Miss Maruyama presented a bouquet of flowers to the President who kindly accepted taking memorial photos with the students. The students also had an opportunity to talk to the Timorese ambassador, His Excellency Mr. Isilio Antonio de Fatima Coelho da Silva. (Yusuke Noda)


[NEWS] 内閣府主催 第三回国際平和協力シンポジウム(2012年1月19日)

 On January 19th 2012, the Third International Peace Cooperation Symposium was held in the Elizabeth Rose Hall of the United Nation University. Following Mr. Koji Haneda’s opening address, Mr. Yasushi Akashi delivered a keynote lecture “The reminiscence about Japan’s 20 years of participation in United Nation peacekeeping operations”. Professor Hasegawa made a presentation on “The role and qualifications of the senior staff of UN peacekeeping missions”. (Yusuke Noda)



 新年あけましておめでとうございます。年頭にあたり一言ご挨拶申し上げます。今年が長谷川ゼミにとっても集大成の年となります。これまで以上に気持ちを引き締めてゼミ生全体で切磋琢磨し取組んで行きましょう。1月10日に皆さんにお会いできること心よりお待ちしております! 今年もよろしくお願いします。 2012年元日 長谷川祐弘研究室ゼミ長 平林聡一朗


[NEWS] UN Associations Meeting Discusses Regional Governance

 On 16th and 17th December 2011, Scholars of Japan, China and South Korea met at Osaka University and discussed globalization and regional governance in East Asia. The consultation meeting was attended by about 25 scholars from the UN academic associations of Japan, China and Korea. Professor Alistair Edgar, Executive Director of the Academic Council of the UN System (ACUNS) also participated in the event. Among the other scholars, Professor Hasegawa presented his paper on the challenges and opportunities for constructing a post-Westphalia world in East Asia and regional governance at the crossroads with national and global governance.


[NEWS]2011年11月14日 長谷川教授、民主党の内閣・外務・防衛合同部門会議にて日本の国際平和活動貢献案を提案

 At the invitation of the chair of a meeting of the combined foreign and defense study groups of the Democratic Party of Japan, Professor Hasegawa attended its meeting on 14 November 2011 held at a conference room of the House of Representatives building at Nagatacho, Tokyo, and presented his views of what Japan can do to contribute effectively to enhance United Nations peace keeping operations. (Yusuke Noda)



[NEWS] Evolution of UN Peacekeeping Doctrines

 At the invitation of Mr. Vesselin Popovski, Director of Peace and Governance Programme of the United Nations University, Professor Hasegawa spoke to a group of about 20 graduate students for two hours on 20 October 2011. The students were from Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and New Zealand. Half of them were studying for masters degrees, while the rest pursued a six week international course. Upon completion of Professor Hasegawa’s discourse, the students asked many questions and engaged in a lively discussion on how the doctrines, policies and practices of UN peacekeeping operations changed over the past two decades since the end of the Cold War.


[NEWS] 防衛省主催 「国際平和協力基礎講習」

 10月3日、防衛省・国際平和協力センター主催の「国際平和協力基礎講習」が初めて開催され、長谷川祐弘 法政大学教授が、元国連事務総長特別代表の視点から、「国連平和維持活動の変遷と自衛隊の役割」に関する講義を約2時間にわたって行った。この講習は、国際平和協力活動が防衛省・自衛隊本来の任務化されたことを受け、陸海空自衛隊の幹部自衛官にとって必要な国際平和協力活動に係る基礎知識を普及するすることを目的としており、防衛省・統合幕僚学校(学校長:陸将 林 一也、副校長:海将補 中西正人)の下部組織である国際平和協力センターとして初めての教育事業である。今回の講習の課程主任は同センターの教育研究室長(1等海佐 林秀樹)であり、受講生は内局・統合幕僚監部4名、陸上自衛隊19名、海上自衛隊12名、航空自衛隊13名の計48名であり、約3割にあたる15名が、国連平和維持活動、国際緊急援助活動、海賊対処活動等の経験者であった。受講生は総員、元国連事務総長特別代表の長谷川教授から直接学ぶ機会を持ち、大変有意義であったとの所見であった。法政大学からは、長谷川ゼミ長の平林聡一朗と副ゼミ長の丸山小百合が同行した。       (丸山小百合)


[NEWS] 増田総長が長谷川ゼミ生と懇談



[NEWS] 日米共催「平和維持活動幹部職員養成コース」GPOI Senior Mission Leadership Training Course

 As part of the Global Peace Operations Initiatives (GPOI), Japan and the United States co-organized its second Senior Mission Leadership (SML) training program for two weeks from September 5 to 16 at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan in Kasumigaseki, Tokyo. The training course was conducted by Gen. Patrick Commart of the Netherlands and Professor Sukehiro Hasegawa as senior mentors along with General Agwai of Nigeria and Former Minister Elisabeth Rehn of Finnland. Among participants were Mr. Uramoto, Deputy Director General of UNIDO, Ms Futamura, WFP Representative in India, Mr. Kondo, UNDP Country Director in Chad, Ms. Ikegame, Chief for Africa Coordination Office at UN Headquarters, Ms Yanagisawa, Director of JICA and Mr. Nawatame of the Minstry of Defense of Japan.


【NEWS】Welcome Party for New Timorese Ambassador Coelho da Silva

On 14 June 2011, the Hasegawa seminar held a welcome party for H.E. Mr. Isilio Antonio de Fatima Coelho da Silva Ambassador Plenipotentiary and Extraordinary Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste and Mr. Tadeu Marcelino Soares Third Secretary at The South Lounge 26th Floor of The Boissonade Tower Hosei University Ichigaya Campus. (Aimi Ezawa)