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Ambassador Yoshikawa asserts Japan’s status not declining at the United Nations (12/11/2016)

 Former Japanese Ambassador to the United Nations Motohide Yoshikawa identified three challenges for Japan at the UN: peacekeeping operations, Security Council reform and North Korean nuclear development.

Former Japanese Ambassador Yoshikawa to the United Nations will address the challenges faced by the United Nations at Next GPA Seminar (November 12, 2016)

 The 22nd Seminar of the Global Peacebuilding Association (GPA) will be held at JICA Headquarters on November 12, 2016. Interested GPA members are invited to register with GPA Secretary-General Professor Katsumi Ishizuka: ishizuka@kyoei.ac.jp by November 1st. Please click here for the full program.

Shiga presents India’s assistance for the promotion of democratic governance in other developing countries (02/07/2016)

 According to Hiroaki Shiga of JICA Research Institute, the inclusive and pluralistic democracy of India provides the role model for other developing countries and the India’s constitution has been studied by Singapore, Malaysia, Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa, Nepal, Bhutan and other developing countries (Reported byTakashi Kamishiro). Please click here for a full story.


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