【NEWS】2010.12.20 Chinese Scholar Hairong Lai Speaks to Hosei Graduate Students


Mr. Lai explained about how China enhanced its participation in United Nations peacekeeping operations. He then reviewed the changes that took place in China`s political structure over the last thirty years. The changes included separation of the society from the state, marketization and privatization of the economy, decentralization of the state power structure, institutionalization of peaceful transfer of power, emergence of rule of law, and reconfiguration of the ideology. Mr. Lai also noted younger generations` attitude towards nationalism. Mr. Lai had an active discussion with Japanese as well as Chinese and Korean students studying at Hosei University.

At the end of his lecture, Mr. Lai encouraged the students that hope existed always in young generation as Deng Xiaoping brought a significant paradigm shift in state politics of China. The Hosei graduate students who listened to Mr. Lai`s lecture expressed their hope for he would return again.

(Kisho Tsuchiya)