Ambassador Kenzo Oshima Will Speak About Changing International Regime on 30th May 2015 (closed)

 On 30th May 2015, Ambassador Kenzo Oshima will speak about the changes taking place in the international regime during the period of 70 years since the end of World War II. Prior to his speech, Professor Masako Yonekawa will make a brief presentation on the nature of complex emergencies in Rwanda and Congo. The provisional program of this seminar can be downloaded here and be found below.

 If you are interested in participating in this seminar, please send your message to Professor Katsumi Ishizuka (石塚 勝美), Secretary-General of the Peacebuilding Research Association of Japan (


Provisional Program of the 14th PRAJ Seminar

  Date: 15:00-17:30, 30th May 2015
  Venue: Graduate School Building 5th-Floor Room 501, Hosei University, Ichigaya Campus, Tokyo

  14:30 Registration
  15:00 Opening remarks (Professor Katsumi Ishizuka)

  15:05 Professor Masako Yonekawa, Rikkyo University
     “Challenges of Peacebuilding in Rwanda and Congo:
     Nature of the world’s worst complex emergencies and the role of the United Nations”

  15:30 Ambassador Kenzo Oshima,
       former Permanent Representative of Japan to the United Nations and
       Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs
     “Post-World War II 70 Years: Changing International Regime”

  16:10 Short break
  16:20 Discussion
  17:30 End

  18:00-19:30 Informal dinner


Speaker’s Biography

Ambassador Kenzo OSHIMA

 Kenzo OSHIMA (大島 賢三) born in 1943 has held numerous senior positions as a Japanese diplomat, including Ambassador of Japan to Australia, Secretary-General of the Secretariat for International Peace Cooperation Headquarters in the Office of the Prime Minister, Senior-Vice President of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and Commissioner of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (established after the Fukushima nuclear accident). He was posted in France, India, Australia, and the Permanent Mission of Japan to the United Nations in New York.

Professor Masako Yonekawa

 Masako YONEKAWA (米川 正子) is Specially Appointed Assistant Professor of Rikkyo University. Former UNHCR’s Head of Field Office in Goma, DRC, and Field/Protection Officer in Rwanda, Kenya etc. Her area of research is conflict and peace, humanitarian assistance. Author of Critical Analysis of Spoilers and Neighbouring States for Peace Implementation: Peacekeepers’ Failure to Protect Civilians in Eastern DRC (2014) etc.