[Tokyo Peacebuilding Forum 2019] Role of State and Non-State Stakeholders Discussed by Scholars and Experts (02/11/2019)

 The session, organized by Professor Inomata and moderated by Professor Yamazaki, examined UN public policy and roles of state and non-state stakeholders in global governance for peace activities.

 Mr. Katsuki advocated SDG-based global governance for sustaining peace to which Japan contributes through capacity development of peacebuilders of developing countries including engineering as well as protection of women.

 Mr. Sakane focused on a complementary role of non-UN actors such as regional organizations in sustaining peace, the use of 3D approach and the lack of an anchor in international relations and peace operations.

 Mr. Nishida and Ms. Amano added private sector perspectives on involvement of Japan and business into sustaining peace.

 Finally, Mr. Noguchi commented how UNESCO can enhance culture of peace through its educational initiatives. Noguchi then mentioned an interesting event called “Children’s Performing Art Festival of East Asia” which had been held 10 times in various cities of China, Mongolia, DPR Korea, Republic of Korea, and Japan.