IOM Chief Giorgi Gigauri in Bangladesh calls for Continued Support of Japanese Government and People for Resolution of Rohingya Crisis (29/11/2019)

 At a seminar held at the University of the Sacred Heart in Tokyo, IOM Representative reiterated the conditions that Rohingya refugees demand to be met prior to return to Myanmar: (1) safety and security; (2) pathway to citizenship, and (3) enjoyment of basic rights, including education, work, and religious worship.

 Former Secretary-General of the Global Peacebuilding Association of Japan, Mr. Shintaro HIGASHIYA, participated in the seminar moderated by Assistant Professor Naonori KUSAKABE and interpreted Mr. Giorgi Gigauri`s presentation and answers to questions posed to him by Professor Masaaki OHASHI and other participants.

 According to Mr. Gigauri, the Rohingya crisis has not received enough international attention comparing to other crises in Yemen, Syria, and Iraq, perhaps because of their proximity to Europe. Yet, there are over 840,000 Rohingya refugees who are confined in a restricted area in congestion. They faced the problems of security, overcrowding and lack of community cohesion.

 In response to Professor OHASHI`s observations, Gigauri agreed the refusal of Myanmar to recognize Rohingya people as their citizens may lead to an identity crisis and protracted displacement. Equally, justice and accountability for the crisis is an important area that has garnered attention of many global actors. But Gigauri was hopeful that the international community will address the issue and find a solution to the Rohingya crisis. He hopes that Japan continues to provide assistance and the Japanese people keep in their heart the suffering of Rohingya people.