[Seminar] Introduction to the Hasegawa Seminar — the 1st day of the Spring Camp (31st March 2012)

 On 31st March 2012, all of the seminar students and Professor Hasegawa went to Kawaguchiko for training camp.
 Between 13:00 and 14:00, they checked the time table of the training camp and the annual schedule of the seminar class this year. After that, each section: general affair section, website and minutes section, study trip section, public relations section and class management section, explained their works and introduce themselves. After 16:00, they decided the role of each member dividing into groups. Later, Professor Hasegawa talked on leadership between 17:00 and 17:45. After the supper, Shogo Yoshida and Keiki Takemasa made the presentations on how to write a thesis and to make a presentation. Finally, Professor Hasegawa gave the lecture about “international conflicts”.

(Keiki Takemasa)