[IntOrg] International Organizations -Their Birth and Growth- (Professor Hasegawa)(11th April 2012)

 On 11th April 2012, in his first lecture on international organizations, Professor Hasegawa first explained the purpose of the class and its annual plan. He emphasized the importance of being consciously aware of how the birth and roles of the international organizations are viewed from different perspectives.
 First, he explained about the definitions of “International Organizations” which consists of a narrow sense and a wide sense. He examined the causes and structures of various international organizations including inter-governmental organizations (IGO), civil society organizations (CSO) and non-governmental organizations (NGO).
 Secondly, he explained the roles and functions of these international organizations.
 Thirdly, he provided an overview of how the international organizations increased their number and roles in the Westphalia world that has been dominated by sovereign nation states as main actors. In doing so, he referred to differences that existed about “nation” or “country” and “states”.

(Misa Komine)