[NEWS] Hosei University Department of Global Politics Joint Seminar: Study-Tour Report Programme (21th Oct 2012)

  On 21 November 2012, Hosei University Department of Global Politics Joint Seminar Study-Tour Report Programme was held at Hosei University. Mr. Hiroaki Suzuki, the head of Suzuki Seminar class, delivered opening remarks.
  The programme started from Hasegawa seminar’s three presentations, “Sustainable Development of Myanmar”, “the way to EU -Possibilities of OHR’s withdrawal-” and “the roles of non-formal Education in Bangladesh with the view of International Organizations”.
  Next, Suzuki seminar class students presented “the prospects of Myanmar’s democratization”. They had raised their own 7 questions towards Myanmar’s democratization before the tour. Along with the organizations they had visited, they shared four points, reconciliation of ethnic minorities issues, economic development, democratization and political stabilization and consciences of citizens whom they had met in Yangon toward their future. Finally one seminar student pointed out that international community kept watching Myanmar’s own process of democratization not to impose on the Western way.
  Finally, Goto seminar students gave a presentation ”Japan’s way of dealing with Rising Asian Countries -from the view of International development cooperation with the 60th Anniversary of Japan-India Diplomatic Relations-”. They started it with the tour highlight movie. In explaining the main theme, Ms. Ryoko Arai, the head of Goto Seminar class, noted that for sustainable India’s development wide variety actors are co-working and, Japan and rising Asian courtiers should be mutual complement partners. Finally all of Goto seminar students stated their dreams in international development cooperation fields energetically.
  Presenters received many of critical comments and informative opinions from Guest commentators. Professor Kazumi Goto noted that this event should be held every year as one of the main events at Department of Global Politics. With Mr. Yasuki Uchiyama’s closing remarks, this Joint seminar Study-tour report programme was warmly ended.

Comments from Guest Commentators:
・ They should have included their own comments and opinions from their experiences and also things they could have not understood throughout each tour.
・ The time the boost of Asian economy is slowing down, what do you think that Myanmar should pursue 7% economic development as rapid growth or 5% of it.
・ Which neighboring countries have been affected by Myanmar’s high growth?
・ The purpose of this programme should be shared to all participants.
(Yuki Shouzui)