[Kurosawa seminar] The Support to Mine Countermeasures in Cambodia (Professor Kurosawa) (18 April 2013)


 On 18 April, Kurosawa seminar students discussed the 2013 study tour and decided to visit Cambodia this summer. Professor Kurosawa gave a lecture on the support to demining programmes in Cambodia, referring to the survey conducted by JICA in 2009.
 Firstly, he talked about the situation of damage caused by landmines in Cambodia. In Cambodia, there still remain landmines and UXOs dropped during the Vietnam War. In 1992, UNTAC founded Cambodia Mine Action Center (CMAC). Thanks to extensive demining activities and Mine Awareness Program, the number of victims of landmines has reduced. About 46 percent of the whole area of Cambodia, however, is still contaminated by landmines and UXOs.
 Secondly, he mentioned the process and various projects of demining. At the time of mine clearance, it is important to choose the area fairly. CMAC introduced a successful project of Community Based Demining Platoons (CBDP), which contributes to poverty reduction by employing many villagers from poor family. USA implements Exposing Harvest Project and reuses gunpowder from landmines. Japan has four programmes to address the landmine issues in Cambodia; i.e. support for mine clearance, support for victims, rehabilitation and vocational training, and Mine Awareness Program.

(Sayaka Yatabe)